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Small and Mid-Sized Businesses should receive the same level of service that large corporations receive. If you rely on the stability of your network for your business, you understand the need for the system to work. Downtime can result in lost clientele and must be prevented.

The big companies have in-house IT Departments, but the cost might not be feasible for your particular business. The IT Guy who works on the side may work for small start-ups and mom and pop shops, but your company might need someone more reliable when there is an emergency. Lucky for you there is another alternative. Eastside offers services exclusively to small and mid-sized businesses that gives them the reliability and response times of an in-house IT Department with the cost of the friendly IT Guy.

Regardless of your industry, we can work with you to ensure the integrity of your network’s speed security and stability. We can make sure that your computer systems enable your employees to be more efficient by enabling them to effectively use their computers for:

   * Microsoft Exchange Server (03, 07, 08)

   * Mobile (Andorid, BB, iPhone or Palm)

   * Website & Email Hosting (cPanel)

   * Graphic & Website Design (Photoshop)

   * Help Desk Support (GoToAssit)

   * Monitoring  Personal Productivity

    * Calendar, Contact, Email (Outlook)

   * Accounting/Bookkeeping (QuickBooks)

   * Data Backups (Symantec, NovaStor )

   * Microsoft Windows Server (03, 08)

   * Windows Small Business Server (03, 08)

   * Windows Home Server (File Server)

   * VMWare, ESXi Server Virtualization

   * Network Maintenance (MCSE)